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nice rant

So what is your idea, and before you go off again why don't you "startpage" what a constitutional convention is, I don't even understand your post's relativity, I am honestly disappointed with DP today, you sit here and have these emotional reactions to the problems we face but don't educate yourselves on real solutions, we have about 3 choices to chose from. Either each state withdraws from the union one by one or we hold a constitutional convention or the UN takes over this country, I really don't see any other way. Tom Woods has a great idea of nullification, but that would be a preface to a constitutional convention, I just don't understand how this community can be so blind to what is facing us and so unwilling to stand up and fight in ways that actually matter, this petition can do some great things, raise awareness and show the strength of the people, I really hope the following comments will be a little more uplifting to me, please educate yourself people, the liberty movement is the best chance we have left, if we fail, this country fails.

You just got PAULED!