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The American Redoubt -- Move to the Mountain States

"Your Checklist

I suggest that you follow these guidelines, as you prepare and then move to the American Redoubt:

Research geography, climate, and micro-climates very carefully.

Develop a home-based business.

Lighten the load. Keep the practical items but sell your junk and impractical items at a garage sale.

Bring your guns.

Sell your television.

Sell your jewelry and fancy wristwatch. Buy a Stihl chainsaw instead.

Choose your church home wisely, seeking sound doctrine, not "programs"

Leave your Big City expectations behind. There probably won't be cell phone coverage, high speed Internet, or Pilates.

Expect a long driving distances for work and shopping.

Sell your bric-a-brac and collectibles. What is more important? A large collection of Hummel figurines, or having a lot of good hand tools and Mason jars?

Switch to a practical wardrobe and "sensible shoes".

After your buy your land, convert the rest of your Dollar-denominated wealth into practical tangibles.

Begin homeschooling your children.

Sell your sports car and buy a reliable crew cab pickup.

Expect persecution and hardship. You will be despised for being true to your faith. (Just read 2 Timothy 3:1-12. and Matthew 5:10-14, and John 15:18-19.)

Encourage your kids to XBox and Wii less and read more.

Make a clean break by selling your house and any rental properties. You aren't coming back.

If you buy an existing house, get one with an extra bedroom or two. Some relatives may be joining you, unexpectedly.

Donate any older bulky furniture to the local charity store before you move.

After you move:

Don't try to change things to be like the suburb that you left behind. You are escaping all that!

Pitch in by joining the local Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), Ski Patrol, Sheriff's Posse, or EMT team.
Be a good neighbor.

Patronize the local farmer's market and craft shows.

Respect the property rights and the traditions of your neighbors.

Be active, politically, but use a pseudonym in letters to the editor an internet posts.

Use VPN tunneling, RSA encryption, firewalls, and anonymous remailers.

Support local businesses, and companies that are headquartered inside the Redoubt, not Wal-Mart.

Encourage like-minded family and friends to join you.

Stock up heavily on storage foods for lengthy power failures, or worse.

Do your banking locally, preferably with a credit union and/or a farm credit union.

Be active in local home school co-ops and service organizations.

Find and visit your local second-hand stores. Watch for useful, practical items that don't need electricity.

Conduct as much business as possible via barter or with precious metals.

Gradually acquire a home library that includes self-sufficiency books and classic books--history, biographies, and novels.

Join the local ham radio club. (Affiliated with the ARRL.)

Expect to be the subject of gossip. Live a righteous life so there won't be much to gossip about.

Loyally support your local church with tithes and support your local food bank

Get used to eating venison, elk, moose, antelope, trout, and salmon.

Attend some farm auctions in your region to gather a good collection of useful hand tools and a treadle sewing machine.

Attend gun shows in your state. (This keeps money circulating in the state and keeps you legal, for private gun purchases.)

Choose your fights wisely. Don't tilt at windmills, but when you feel convicted, don't back down.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul