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Comment: The States, but the States answer to THE PEOPLE

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The States, but the States answer to THE PEOPLE

its in the Constitution.
I now support a con-con despite clapping enthusiastically at the Rally for the Republic in 2008 when the guy from the John Birch Society gave his speech about blocking a Con-Con.

I mean Switzerland does this every so often and they don't seem to have problems. They have been around longer than the US and certainly seem to appreciate the idea of having to clarify what the heck some guys at least a hundred years ago were talking about. So now, because it is actually IN the Constitution as a remedy, I support it. I think it is time. To those that fear that those in power have been waiting for this opportunity to reshape the USA, I say bring it. Then at least we'll know what the heck they have been planing. The states have to ratify it anyway and that is where we can actually DO something. Via the states.