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It's not "made up"

If ADHD was "made up" then the drug wouldn't actually do anything, now would it? Especially given that it's a stimulant, not something that would dull a person or make him compliant and docile. In fact, ADHD meds will give a person confidence and assertiveness, allowing them to better apply their intelligence and talents.

ADHD is diagnosed in a scientific way with a checklist. I knew I had it all my life without being medicated for it, but finally around age 40 I obtained an official diagnosis and started Concerta. This was because I had been promoted to a level where I could no longer coast through the workday oblivious to time, getting distracted, being rude to people, goofing around. I needed to listen, I needed to focus without being hyperfocused, I had to manage my time. The drug is no more than a crutch which a person can live without--not a lifesaver, but it does work for people who really have ADHD.

A coworker put his two sons on ritalin and he clearly saw the positive results and the boys both appreciated the positive impact it had on them and they did well on it.

I'm a better boss and a better father and husband on Concerta. Diet and mindfulness are also important, of course. Pills aren't for everyone, but ADHD diagnoses and meds are definitely not a hoax.

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