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Comment: Washington State is not very "free"

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Washington State is not very "free"

Okay, the cool thing about Washington state... no state income tax, the sucky part of it... Washington state has a ton of "hidden" taxes! So many that it is probably far more then you'd pay as a state income tax.

-Highest gas tax in the nation... w/ fed it is $0.54 per gallon. And gas is also way higher here then pretty much anywhere. My folks live in Toledo, OH, they are paying $2.95 a gal, we in Washington are paying $3.69+
-Ridiculous sales tax, minimum is 8.7%, some places are over 10%
-Hotel tax, rent car tax is I believe 17%
-Business tax is based off gross profit, not net profit! So if you lose money, you still have a high tax bill.
-Property taxes pretty high in metro areas.
-Washington state LOVES to tell you what you can or cant do with your property.
-Want to burn wood on your own property, bigger than a 4'x4' firepit..? $350 permit, or $1500 fine.
-Hope you like progressives... three counties full of progressive liberals, outvotes the other 31 counties... been 26 years since a "republican" governor, 46 years since "republican" majority.
-Many Washington cities are actively pushing "Agenda 21" sustainability... for the better you:)
-Critical Areas? If you have a gopher on your land, they will designate 60% of your land as critical area (ie. Wetlands, etc) and you still get the privilege of paying property tax. Can we all say "YAY!"

Oh and while gun laws are pretty lax here (lots of guns, just not allowed to use them), if you do not run away from a fight and instead turn and defend yourself with your gun... your going to prison for manslaughter/murder. Washington is a right to retreat state. YOU MUST RETREAT IF YOU CAN, even if you are armed. The criminal has all the power, even on YOUR property.