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Comment: I’m a Libertarian and I ran

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I’m a Libertarian and I ran

I’m a Libertarian and I ran on the Republican ticket in my municipality at the last second to get on the ballet and won in an urban black city which is a democratic stronghold. I'm 24 so I completely understand what your saying but again there are many quote old white people" that belive in the freemarket you just have to have a discussion with them and build coalitions. Ron Paul is a old white man you have one vote right there. What i'm saying is you might not get the majority of "old white people" but if you build coalitions you can bring people from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds together and run for office yourself. I'm black born a ruff ghetto gang member seen it all people killed shot stabbed everyday never took a handout got an athletic scholarship went to WV broadened my horizons came back started a small business. I own multiple properties and do quite well for myself. Now would you think my demographic would be a major voting block for Ron Paul likely NOT but that would be letting our your own personal prejudices and social biases rule us.

Oh and this is the first time I got politically involved didn't vote in 08 first time I registered to vote and its the first time I voted and I voted for Gary Johnson since Ron Paul wasn’t on the ballet. So it would be like i'm one of those black people that came out of no where to the polls that registered and voted for the first time like many minorities that alot fake conservative shock jocks and sour Republican who don’t want to take responsibility for their own failures would be saying was engaged in voter fraud because i'm black 24 and this the first time I ever registered came to the polls and voted. And they wonder why Republicans don’t get minority votes. It the narrow minded thinking that fucks us not anyone else. We have to engage others whether we think they are going to vote for our cause or not. You never know what you might find out about a person. I got prostitutes registered Libertarian that voted for Gary Johnson. If it wasn’t for Ron Paul I may have never got politically involved would have never became a Libertarian, be running the young Republican party in my county, got 325+ mostly minorities resisted Libertarian or no affiliation within 2 ½ months and would have never voted for Gary Johnson.

Strange world isn’t