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Comment: I'm not talking about what

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I'm not talking about what

I'm not talking about what Ron Paul did. I'm talking about the obvious thing Ron Paul - or any other candidate - did not do.

Obamacare should have been made into and economic issue, and it wasn't.

And I find that to be very interesting the more I think about it...

No candidate even tried to sink their teeth into Obamacare. Not even Ron Paul...who should have done so if the economy was his true concern.

Ron Paul stressed, "Liberty and Freedom," which in political terms is quite vague. There was nothing concrete about his message, especially when Obamacare was standing in the concrete, getting ready to make a permanent mark on the face of the American economy. We're getting the boot in our faces, forcing us to purchase a lousy expensive product that will ruin our country.

"Obamacare will destroy the American economy."

Why didn't Ron Paul say that and elaborate on it during the debates? You must ask yourselves!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.