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I know what you are saying, I may even somewhat agree. But even though Ron didn't press the issue, I heard it loud and clear. Ron touted individual Liberty, Constitution, fiscal responsibility, among other things. As I listened, I thought to myself that obamacare would not even be an issue, if only the Consitution were adhered to.

Don't fret too much about Ron not winning presidency. IMO, if he had, and this nation didn't repair itself rather quickly, he and we would have been blamed by the voting populace and all of our efforts would have gone in vane.

We will have another chance in 2016 to put another Liberty candidate in. We also have local/state to be concerened about. However long it takes to restore our Republic, Ron's name, and his message, will be remembered for generations to come.

It is something to consider, and hold to our hearts :-)

PS - You can work toward nullification in your state. Ron would be proud :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul