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Comment: He might suck, but...

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He might suck, but...

Real information can be extracted from propaganda. His information is just one more piece in the puzzle. Gathering news without the sound bite MSM world, requires some assembly by the viewer, and listening to someone who's general stance on issues is personally offensive.
With this, and other related information it seems clear to me that the big pieces are moving now.
The MSM is focused on the trivial sex scandal, while there are other "ethics replacements" going on in key places within the military complex. The vice president of Lockheed Martin(scheduled to move up soon) resigned in some scandal the day the Petreas' story broke. Also, an Admiral in command of an air craft carrier strike group currently deployed in the Middle East was replaced. This sort of thing is highly uncommon.
This is all going on while Israel bombs the crap out the Palestinians (they are shooting back, I'm sure).
It's all just breadcrumbs; make from them what you will.

Just open the box and see