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Comment: The failure of the infiltration strategy....

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The failure of the infiltration strategy....

I am finally growing to UTTERLY DETEST the infiltration strategy. Because I realize, with 2012 being the FINAL STRAW, we CANNOT reform the party, REGARDLESS of exposing it for the fraud it is.

REGARDLESS of participated this past year, thousands have seen the corruption and abuse of Paul supporters… AND SIMPLY DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty powerful stuff that has STILL NOT WOKEN ANYONE UP TO THE ABSOLUTE POINTLESSNESS of ANY MORE FAILED "infiltration" tactics.

Kind of like people who support the wars, see ten years of Americans being shot (or "surviving" only to commit suicide)… AND CONTINUING TO TOLERATE THE "WARS," while BOOING RON PAUL FOR DARING TO UTTER THE WORDS "Golden" and "Rule"... or chanting "USA, USA, USA" as the republican party reads "the ayes have it" from a FKING TELEPROMPTER!

And in a sick sort of way, I might just want to make some "infiltrators" (co-opter's) lives more miserable. I can make them spend more time fighting me, rather than doing damage by DUPING MY FELLOW AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTARIANS into the REPEATED FOOL'S ERRAND of reforming the UNREFORMABLE LEFTIST REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT (same thing) PARTY.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.