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Comment: You obviously think Obamacare

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You obviously think Obamacare

You obviously think Obamacare is the number one problem with our country but if you pay a little more attention to what Ron Paul DID say over the last 30 or so years, you would notice a recurring theme of attacking the Federal Reserve System. In fact, he has argued, and I agree, that nothing is more important to the health of our country and economy than returning to sound money. That means that the Fed trumps Obamacare and gay marriage and whatever else sideline issues you may think are important. Ron Paul was right on point as always. If you fix the monetary system, all of the other problems disappear overnight. Ron Paul does not care if the majority of tv watchers don't get it because they never will and that is not his target audience. He knew he didnt have a snowball's chance in hell but he chose to use the platform to try to spread the message one more time and he succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. And now after its all over, you have the bright idea that could've changed everything? Hmmmm