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Poisoning is right

I live in southwest Minnesota, which is heavily farmed with GMO's. Today I noticed that I no longer see birds sitting on power lines. I saw only 1 sparrow all day today, it was on my own property a free GMO territory. For the past 3 years The bats, birds, monarch butterflies and most insects have disappeared.

The corn borer the target insect is thriving. It is due to the seed companies instructions to plant only 1/2 the crop land with seed treated with Clothianidin, a toxic systemic pesticide, the other half plain GMO seed. This gives half of all corn borers free range on all the corn it can eat.

Clothianidin has a half life of up to 19 years in heavy soils and 1 1/2 years in light soils. So it is easy to see that the corn borer will be completely immune to this pesticide within the next few years. But the damage to the environment and a complete beekeeping industry will be unrepairable.

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