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Comment: The American people.

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The American people.

They're the ones that vote and constitute the partisans that count the votes. We could run Thomas Jefferson, win him the Republican nomination and he would still lose in a landslide to the Democrat because the media and academia would crucify him as a racist for owning slaves before stepping in the time machine. The fact is NONE of those people can win the Republican nomination, much less become president in this current political climate of social Marxism. There's only one hope of ever getting a liberty-minded president again and that's by changing the way people think about American history, self-government, personal liberty, Constitutionalism, foreign policy, property rights, and economics. If we can find a way to beat the media and academia, we'll be in a position where any one of those men could sweep the Republican nomination and cruise to victory in the general election.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese