Comment: Is this astroturf? Who is NSC and who is Robert Crone?

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Is this astroturf? Who is NSC and who is Robert Crone?

I'm trying to find out more about the hearing, and all I'm finding is a bunch of sites blindly linking to this National Seniors Council. Digging through their website, it seems like it's something of a virtual corporation with no real people behind it. I can't find evidence that this "National Director" Robert Crone actually exists. The only real person they link to on their website is someone at an inside-the-beltway astroturf PR/lobbying firm (an inside-the-beltway PR firm that claims to "Grassroots Lobbying" doesn't understand the meaning of "grassroots") named Trio Strategies.

The address given for NSC -- 1100 North Glebe Road, Suite 1010, Arlington, Virginia 22201 -- that exact suite -- is shared with dozens of other firms. It appears to be run by a company called "Intelligent Office" that provides "virtual receptionist" services.

Something stinks about this whole thing. Can anyone independently confirm that this hearing took place?

Oh hey, as I was writing this, I did some more digging and found that this article at NSC was originally posted over 2 years ago (October 2010). I don't understand why it got picked up and is being trotted around again now.

Overall, I think NSC might just be a way for Trio Strategies to get people to contribute to their fake lobbying org and "sign petitions" to create a mailing list of easily duped senior citizens, which they sell:

This whole thing stinks.