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I'm with Dixie(below)

I've followed Rockwell for years and have never heard him praise slavery, oppose the Bill of Rights, oppose the Revolutionary War or support the British in the War of 1812. Nor have I ever heard him rip Rand Paul. I've heard him point out his differences with Rand, but nothing I could interpret as "ripping". I have heard him rip Marco Rubio.

"Rockwell is dangerous." -That's what I like about Lew! ;)

"Rubio is going to try to use him..." -HaHa! Fat chance! :D

Lew did not support Bush. How did I learn that Rothbard voted for Bush? I learned it from Lew as Lew was pointing out that he had philosophical differences with Rothbard. Lew has never been shy in pointing out where he's different from others.