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...I love this post, practically zerohedgean (bi#chez). Now let me comment on your grievances and air mine. I want you to know, this is going to take a while...

First, many of you are just insane. You have latched onto the Ron Paul movement to vent your personal spleen against society in general.

That's right. I'd throw another group into this category (the insane). It's not just the perma-cynics, it's the conspiracy theorists. Now wait, hold on a minute. Don't misunderestimate me. :-) I myself would be described by most "normal" persons as a conspiracy theorist. Rockefeller, Jekyll Island, Council on Foreign Relations, Roundtable Groups, etc, etc. I don't mean those people. They are more properly named "realists" than "conspiracy theorists." They simply understand the nature of the State. I'm talking about the "vote flippers," the "everyone in the Ron Paul campaign except Ron Paul is a paid agent of Reince Priebus" people, the "the Illuminati stole my cheerios" people; the tragic refugees from the Alex Jones universe; the people for whom the invention of the internet caused an information overload and destroyed their ability to distinguish between fact and nonsensical bull##it. You know the type, they are the ones who ironically instantiate the stereotypical "conspiracy theorist" caricature promoted by the MSM they (rightly) despise: since one conspiracy theory is true, therefore all are true.

Secondly, you idealists. No truth is too foolish for you as long as it is beautiful. You have a conception of human nature and of humanity that is so ridiculous as to be funny. In your world, teh people of the world would unite and live in non-coercive free market harmony

It depends on what you mean. If you mean the people who believe in the Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism of competing DROs, yes, that's a pipe-dream. Though not so much because of human nature (the Rothbardians don't assume a New Libertarian Man), but because of the inherent nature of law. Many ancaps learn about the deleterious consequences of State intervention in any ordinary field of economic activity (food, medicine, manufacturing), and extend that analysis unthinkingly into dispute resolution/law. That is their error. I won't get into the details, this excited rant is not the place. But I'll provide the unsupported conclusion at the end of my reasoning: stateless dispute resolution (law enforcement) is possible, but not a competitive industry in dispute resolution services (DRS). Natural monopoly in DRS is inevitable and not undesirable. The goal of such libertarians as understand the issue in full and have jettisoned minarchism is to design a natural monopolist DRO which is structured in such as away as to be unlikely to become a State over time. For 95% of you, this means nothing at all; carry on, we are friends and allies. For the 5% of you who have any idea what I'm talking about, ask me for details sometime and I'll explain my position further. Moving on...

Thirdly, you democrats. Note that's a small d. You still believe, against all experience, reason, and data, in the sacredness of the will of the people, of the voter. You project upon the masses and the voters your own profile of priorities and interests.

I cringe every time I read a post/thread with a title like "GOP ignores will of the people," or "democracy is under attack!" I am not a democrat. The masses are and always have been and always will be fools incapable of rational politics. The basic premise of liberalism (in the original meaning of that term) is that society sans the State manages itself, and that individuals are capable of handling their own lives without State or other supervision. This competence does not, however, extend into politics. Most people are not interested in or capable of abstract reasoning, which means they use a crude empirical method (this worked, that didn't) to evaluate State policies. Democracy is not the rule of the people, it is the rule of the cleverest used car salesman. Death to democracy!

Fourth, you individualists. You special little snowflakes. Give yourselves a hug. Your ideology is so beautiful, your utopia as seductive as any yet devised by man or philosopher. You refuse to see groups, interests, or other facts. Yours is a noble pursuit, rife with possibilities for the historian or humorist.

Ah yes, you "la la la I can't hear you" it doesn't matter whether my actions are rational or productive so long as I keep my self-ascribed integrity, make myself feel good, can sleep at night crowd; you poor casualties of the love generation, or child worship, or last winners and trophies for participation. No, failure is not acceptable. No, your feelings are irrelevant, at least to everyone but you.

You all, by virtue of your intellect and energies, are an elite or potential elite, in conflict with other elites...The battleground is the institutions and machinery that tell people what to believe, how to think, how to vote, and what ideas to parrot. Your failure to recognize this is a severe handicap on your ability to compete!

As I said, democracy (what exists now in these United States) is the rule of the best used car salesman. Ultimately, truth has nothing to do with the issue, provided the players involved can fashion lies well enough. Should we lie? If that's what's necessary. Should we propagate bul##hit? Is it bull##it that advances our cause? The masses don't want to hear your truths. The minority who can/will hear the truth are largely awake, and those who aren't will wake themselves if the information is available, which it is. The existence of the LvMI alone assures that. As for the remainder, the ignorant, lazy, unthinking masses: propaganda for them. Propaganda which might be incomplete or even false in detail, but correct in its prescriptions, promulgated by people who understand why it's correct, because the masses never will - though they can be made to believe that it's correct.

Phew...alright George, wrestle your father.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."