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Hold on a minute friend...

Fox and the Republican stooge candidates had Obamacare as their pet issue. They tried to make it seem as if there had been a free market in medicine, and only now socialism is creeping in with Obamacare; which is entirely absurd, and a dangerous misrepresentation of reality which leads people to blame the current FUBAR situation in medicine on the free market. I think RP was wise to NOT make Obamacare a key issue in his campaign, both for purely political reasons (differentiating himself from stooge candidates) and to avoid that incorrect implication that Obamacare (as opposed to various laws over the last half-century) is/will-be the cause of the decline of medicine in the United States. And, anyway, there are more important issues than medicine, like the central bank and foreign affairs, which RP focused on.

By the way, just for $hits and giggles, let me say I'm sick to death of this naming system whereby new fascist economic interventions get the lollipops and unicorns cutsie [insert douchebag's name]-care label. If we must use that formula, let's call it Stalincare, or Hitlercare, or Maocare, or Marxcare. Or we could call it what it really is: cartel-support* for the politically connected firms in the medical industry + bread-and-circuses.

*Cartels don't work when demand becomes elastic. Eventually, all cartels require demand subsidies to keep demand inelastic. The professional licensing laws, FDA, and medical regulations, etc create the cartels, medicare/medicaid/Obamacare are demand subsidies because otherwise demand would be elastic.

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