Comment: 1. Wrong. My argument is not

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1. Wrong. My argument is not

1. Wrong. My argument is not based on the assumption that Ron Paul is an anarchist or his supporters anarchists. I know that Ron Paul is a statist, and that his supporters are statists. THAT is why I wrote the article, to address that problem.

2. Ron Paul supporters ARE foolish, hero-worshipping and misguided. I did state that quite explicitly, not implicitly as you claim. I wouldn't go so far as to call Paul a charlatan, and I wouldn't say that libertarians "do nothing", but Paul's ideas ARE contradictory, and libertarians aren't doing anything that will make any difference. You won Iowa, Maine, and other places, but the big beast that controls the electoral system you hope to use as the main vehicle for your revolution, took those votes, shat on them, and then carried on spoonfeeding Soylent Turquoise to the sheeple. It made NO difference.

Bitter? Perhaps a bit. Let me ask you a question: what feeling do you have towards conservatives and Republicans that hear your Paulite arguments but are unswayed by them? I imagine you sometimes feel like pulling your hair out over it? "Why are they going with Romney/Rubio/Ryan/? Why can't they understand that the government that governs best is the one that governs least?"

I feel the same way towards you guys, and ask myself, why can't more of you wake up to voluntaryism, and, well...reality, when myself and so many other former-minarchists have done it.

Perhaps the difference is that when we 'discovered' minarchism, we didn't just rest on our laurels, shut our ears, and sign up for the Ron Paul Revolution. We kept on learning, and eventually, we just go it.

Does that make us 'better people' than you? No.
Does it make us cooler? Superior? No.
Does it make us arrogant for trying to HELP you and point out to you the inconsistencies and contradictions in your thinking? No.

Does it make us bitter? Maybe just a bit.

Does it make me confident that at least a small portion of you will wake up eventually?

Considerably more than I am bitter.