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Unfortunately, you guys are beating a dead horse

here. The individuals slamming you are never going to understand the true premise of a Constitutional Convention. Their paranoia of their locally elected officials is indicative of the myopic view of someone who spends far too much time criticizing others rather then constructively dealing with reality. Your statement about them being "able to use certain words" strikes to the heart of the matter. The bastardization of the word "coin" is what allowed them to create the Federal Reserve and unless I'm as delusional as those who I've been trying to make understand, therein lies the true root of the evil which has taken over this nation. Destroy the Fed through a Convention and most other issues will rapidly fall into place. My advice to all the nay sayers, get to know your local representatives, feel them out on the issues of Constitutional law and if you aren't satisfied, work to replace them. A few here would do well to get some semblance of a real life, take a break from the keyboard and stop attempting to limit discussion.

If not us than who?