Comment: (Worth reposting again - A Con Con would be a nightmare)

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(Worth reposting again - A Con Con would be a nightmare)

Sure - I bet the corporations, lobbyists, and special interests are drooling like ravenous zombies over a Constitutional Convention happening and probably already lined up at the doors.

There's no way we should go anywhere near having a Con Con in this day and age of bought off politicians, dirt bag lawyers, special interest groups, lobbyists, religious zealots of all flavors, corporations and cronyism. Add to that the mix of insane and socialistic beliefs of a population of our size today, and it would be a disaster that would absolutely not end in liberty's, or the people's favor.

Not to mention, once it's done and it is horrible, good luck getting another one together to attempt to fix it, because once they get their way, they'll change the rules to make it impossible to have another one. Just like the RNC did at the convention, and just like the Democrats and Republicans have done to the political system to stifle 3rd parties and make it almost impossible for them to get on ballots and into debates.

Do you really think they would follow the rules for the Con Con honestly and properly, or refrain from favoring the special interests and lobbyists, after what we've seen this year?

~If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

In a society that has become obsessed with entitlements, power hunger, and greed, a Con Con is the worst thing you could ever open up to it. You would be opening Pandora's Box.

(Re-posted from an earlier Con Con thread)