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And I think...

that YOU are missing the point.

Educating people towards a real social movement is precisely my aim. You just seem to be blinkered at considering any other method of spreading ideas other than politics. It can be done in your own life, by talking to the people around you. If repeated as a pattern and method by enough people, the social movement will grow organically quite swiftly.

Using politics as a platform to educate raises the following points:

1. You are presenting the 'gang of thieves writ large' as legitimate. It is not.
2. You are indicating to people that involvement in politics is better for them than the alternative - word of mouth, social movements, and free association.
3. You are taking part in system that requires theft to continue. So all the good the education through the government does (minimal) is counteracted by all the bad the theft and the violence does. The ends do NOT justify the means.
4. What if you win a few constituencies? Then you are actively IN the process of perpetrating violence, fully complicity, not just condoning it by your using the platform for education, but actually INITIATING it. If Johnson had won the Presidency, he is not going to ignore his POTUS duties while educating the masses. He is gonna be a goddamn agent of heteronomous violence, same as Ron Paul would.
5. Bottom line: I agree that isolated 'secessions', as you call it, are not gonna work from this start point. But by networking, spreading ideas and forming the social movement that will lead towards a mass secession in the future, you are taking the first steps. If you support government, you take steps in the wrong direction.