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I think of it this way.

If you are creative and want to build something like a company - to build/make/service/create great things - you need to own what your working on.

Being free to do so is being left free to do so.

Being free to do whatever you like with no ownership rules just creates problems for those who are creative. I will need to protect what I'm doing from those who will mess about with my hard work. What I build may benefit many, make their lives better, easier or be entertaining. For that I need someone to protect my factory, property and so on - all in my own space with my own chosen work colleagues. As long as I don't overstep MY boundaries nor does the government and I do all this without force or violence - I believe this will work.

All parties use contracts with mutually agreed upon contracts not because the state or law says so but because all parties involved know what it is that is asked of them in the contract.

It's a peaceful workable agreement with out misconception or manipulation.

Not everyone has the best intentions. Free loaders will use their skills to take from you what you create, they'll take advantage of you. So we make rules.