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Comment: Karl Rove, again

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Karl Rove, again

I read the voting data--white working class (making under $50K) stayed home this past election. I never said or suggested they were "fiscal conservatives" whatever that means--only that is where the votes are.

You joined with Karl Rove in suggesting a political strategy of reaching out to various groups and classes that have zero historical identity with liberty, "free markets", Anglo-Saxon traditions of property rights and so forth. The difference is Karl wants to offer hand-outs while you talk about "liberty" and free markets"--who do you think is going to win that battle? Has anything in your life led you to conclude that the masses really want "liberty"?

I have no idea what your point is about voodoo and cliterdecotomy-- as I am not an imperialist they are welcome to keep practicing their customs in their own land, free from the corruption of American culture. That they are ripped from their homelands by scheming religious institutions paid for with tax dollars is an abomination, a modern day slave trade.

Ron Paul came up in a far better organized, institutionally speaking, era where he met many powerful and influential people. He did not hesitate to use populism against the NYC financial elite who first did away with Congressional district and then funded a Democrat turncoat in Phil Gramm to run against him for Senate.

Now, if you want to evangelize libertarianism, then bless you, but if that is your political strategy, I fail to see how it is different then Karl Rove/Romney pandering strategy.

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