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I had a thought (imagine that)!

Someone somewhere said that gold is a good asset usable to retain value. Perhaps people should put money in gold/silver while they are working out how to use electricity to be more powerful?

Perhaps gold is a good reservoir/savings account to hold wealth while purchases down the road to electricity as power are made incrementally. i.e. perhaps I have money to purchase and install 1.5 solar panels. Perhaps the .5 should be stored in gold while I am collecting the second .5 so that my dollars do not lose value on the way to my 2nd purchase?

Thank you also for your reply. I appreciate your time. Do other people understand this WWIII concept? Do I not know because I am naïve and not well read? Is it common knowledge among Friends of Liberty?

Joe, have you considered using your power independence website as part of your signature line here on the DP? Look at legalizeliberty, he has about a 2 inch signature line with multiple websites. I would imagine if I still had my eBay business I would have my store link in my signature line.

Here is one of my lame brain ideas. Joe, you should make a DP post titled

“What if YOU were president? What would YOU do?

You could outline the things you said to me. (I don't want to be president. I can't do it.)

IMO, the weekend is a great time for such a post. Of course a post, I find, if it is managed, can be a power drain. But also alot of fun, so perhaps power is gained. And you have more than fluff to post.