Comment: Ron Paul and His Like-Minded Friends

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Ron Paul and His Like-Minded Friends

...have most likely had years of discussion about what a free society would look like. How far we are from it. What holds us back. The whole body of Mises material is full of indications that there have been a small group of extremely independent thinkers who have done just that. In fact, the Founders were just such a group.

That tells me that there should be allowed a small corner on the DP for people to explore..envision a better future...toss ideas around rather than just "lament" today as it is. Such debate and sharing can not take place in a climate of negativity and attack.

The DP used to be fortunate enough to have many visionaries visit and share their thoughts. Has anyone else wondered why they no longer visit? I have and I miss them.

There have been many visionary threads by people who have read and studied and discussed and, then, in some cases written books and held seminars and offered their best thoughts in an enthusiastic climate of dialogue.

Any such thread is now down-voted or attacked creating something less than a place for discussion and "safe" sharing. What is wrong with educating ourselves in the same way that a younger Ron Paul did in order to be able to share his vision. Does one first have to solidify their concepts to a level that ruffles no feathers and is easily digestible and accepted by everyone.

I could mention some of the threads that have died before the best thoughts were allowed to surface. However, I have come to the conclusion that the DP is no longer a place for dialogue to take place with those who are not interested simply gravitating to what they are interested in and showing respect for others. Those who stop at a title and attack are disruptive. Those who do not read comments already made have no interest in entering into a discussion.

The DP is either a big tent with room for diversity in background and interests or it is very small one. I do not think a very small tent serves any constructive purpose. It will remain a very small tent where the loudest voices prevail and the "next" best President is discussed.

As I pack to leave for Thanksgiving with family, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.