Comment: I'll post here what ive posted like 10 other places

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I'll post here what ive posted like 10 other places

You all are hating on people for 'signing a piece of paper' that says "Yes i believe we should secede"

If you honestly think that anyone actually thinks these petitions make us secede, your seriously clueless.

No one thinks these petitions will pass and then we are seceded. The point of the petitions is to remind the government that we have the power to do so. That's what the Constitution USED to do. Anytime they tried to overstep their bounds, the states reminded them of the Constitution and our ability to throw off such government if they continued their ways.

The fact people even suggest "SECESSION IS HORRIBLE IDEA" just shows one of two things

1.People have NO clue about our government, history, or purpose and application of our Constitution.

2.People are so far lost, they feel anything that would be against American government or a desire to leave America is anti-American, which is actually the exact opposite. American means you DO check your government when they overstep their bounds, to not do so, would be anti-American.