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Ha ha

Thanks for the link, I've been wanting to see this show... unfortunately, it was painful to watch... just so fake. I think it really reflects negatively against Jesse Ventura's credibility as a candidate, unless you realize that he has to make a living doing something... this show is more like one of his pro wrestling skits. If they added pro wrestling to it, it would be better... Jesse could pile drive the bad guys that he finds, do a back breaker, or a figure4 on them... now that would be a show!!!!

As for the laser flashlight, who hasn't seen this by now? And saying that what is clearly a Tesla coil, is a directed energy weapon is total malarky... it could be used as an undirected weapon, but the electric zap won't go where you want it to go.. that's why tasers actually have to fire probes with wires at you, to zap you. As for the cars catching fire outside the trade center.... jet fuel, duh.

The movie, Conspiracy Theory, with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts was really well done, really liked that. I love Jesse Ventura and his message, but this show detracts from it.