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Couldn't name anybody. That's what I thought. I read your post on your site and the comments you make below it and you have repeatedly said it is about educating people and getting the message out. WHO HAS DONE A BETTER JOB OF GETTING THE LIBERTY MESSAGE OUT??

Part of the reason many people took notice of Ron Paul and explored his message is BECAUSE he is in government. It is always good to have someone who has experience in what they are critiquing spreading the message. It doesn't matter what level of liberty you ultimately want to get to, it has to start somewhere. We are not going to go from where we are now to anarchy by "word of mouth". If there are not people in government who want to change the rules, the rules won't change, that should be obvious. And I ask once again for you to name me one person who has educated more people than Ron Paul on the need to change the rules? Who has made more people consider the role of government?

And Ron Paul hasn't got alot of help from the dinosaur media to become as well known as he is, the internet and alternative media is to thank for that.