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Oh its a contest is

Oh its a contest is it?

Listen, Stefan Molyneux has probably reached a comparable number of people, and not only that but his message is a darn sight better than Paul's liberty-lite dilution. You talk about "getting the liberty message out" but Paul's message isn't really about liberty is it? How do you NOT understand that government and liberty are mutually exclusive things???

Also, I know Paul hasn't had help from the dinosaur media. Hence my references to his struggle inside of it. The presence of that media is just one more reason for not going the electoral route (apart from the fact its immoral), because the electoral route is really the TV route, and TV encourages people to accept propositions without really thinking about them.

Beyond a few hours here and there, I haven't watched a TV set for 10 years, and when I have, I've been shocked that I ever saw it as anything other than constant stream of propaganda and mind-mushing gibberish.