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Comment: How about these historical events

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How about these historical events

When the Israelites were whining and being ungrateful and rebellious in the wilderness after Moses lead them out of Egypt, God was going to destroy them multiple times and start over with Moses. Only Moses' pleading prevented that from happening.

When King Solomon lead his people to idolatry, his kingdom was split, and the Israelites scattered. They were conquered and became captives of other nations.

There's a verse in the New Testament in which the pharasees (or was it the sadducees?) proclaimed that they were seed of abraham, and Jesus said that God could raise seed of Abraham from stones.

Basically, there is a pattern set up where when Abraham's descendents are rebellious and wicked, they are not supported by God. He has higher expectations of His people, and since they are His he punishes them with destruction. he would rather destroy all of the wicked Jews and start over with either one righteous family, or even start over with rocks (or, apparently, with Gentiles, those who cannot trace their bloodlines back to abraham), then unconditionally bless and uphold a wicked people.

I have yet to find anywhere in the Bible a scripture that says that those who support any and all Jews and the physical state of Israel (which was put together by force through man feeling guilty about what happened tot he Jews but still not wanting them in their own country), regardless of the Jews' actual righteousness and obedience to God's Word.

I am (edit: was. I've now watched part of the video, and I'm now having my doubts) certain that it is a sign of the Second Coming that the state of Israel exists. But this does not support the falsehood that anyone should unconditionally support any group that acts wickedly, breaking laws in the process, and creating more hatred for those we unjustly support.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine