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Just Have A Minute Bear

...and I agree re: Constitutional Congress. My interest was in States and some very visionary threads past that have been ignored and were examining what "true" liberty would look like in a real free society as well as "transition strategies" that would need to take place. These are not avenues everyone wants to pursue.

Perhaps if this thread had taken a different slat beyond a Con Con
would be disastrous it might have gone to what would "good people for liberty" be pursuing? What would they hope to bring about which might well lead to "other ways" to bring those goals about. Perhaps like Ron Paul says, amendments do not necessarily lead to a Con Con.
Perhaps some of the areas that have been misinterpreted could be stated clearly by amendment. Perhaps such an approach could lead to a more clear path to state rights and local rights. Perhaps there are more than one way to skin a cat. So often ideas are kicked out without examining the reason behind them. How many have envisioned a truly free society? Hope I am more clear.

Perhaps it is just me, but I like to envision what "heaven" would be like in order to better know what I should be working on here. Likewise, I see wisdom and purpose in envisioning what a free society would look like in order to project possible ways of getting there. Part of my reason is that I would like to be able to "lay my hands...LOL" on all of the books I have and those I would like to read and absorb their contents. I cannot; however, there are those who used to visit the DP who have much more knowledge and a great deal more visionary thoughts than I.

As I said my comment was not appropriate on this thread. There may be a place in the "and other" forum where like-minded people could "sign up" and gather away from the main thrust (which I do consider important) of the front page DP. Perhaps the OPoster could even moderate his or her own thread with it being understood that the dialogue should remain on the topic originally posted. Perhaps I will explore that when I return.

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving!