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”The difference is Karl wants

”The difference is Karl wants to offer hand-outs while you talk about "liberty" and free markets"--who do you think is going to win that battle? Has anything in your life led you to conclude that the masses really want "liberty"?”

Why do you have such a defeatist attitude. Why do you put people of different socioeconomic backgrounds in boxes when you don’t even know them? Your a young women so you must be a slut wanting a WIC check! Would you let someone say that about your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your little nieces without even knowing them? How did Ron Paul know if so many people would be receptive to his message? How does a kid know if he works hard everyday that he'll get a full scholarship to go to college for free? You don’t know that know one knows until you try. Again the same thing could be said for Ron Paul. Your a loser, a kook, a racist, your to old, what the hell is Austrian economics, no one will vote for you but he stayed the course because he believed that his message and his policies would be best no just for his constituents be fore all people.

“Now, if you want to evangelize libertarianism, then bless you, but if that is your political strategy, I fail to see how it is different then Karl Rove/Romney pandering strategy. “

I’m pandering because I don’t care who I talk to? I don’t care what you look like or what there socioeconomic background is. Is Ron Paul pandering when he went to a Muslim meeting, was he pandering when he went to a Jewish event, when he went a NAACP event, when he goes to colleges and universities NO. The message stays the same and has stayed the same with me when I go to different events. I understand if your saying i'm pulling a Romney and changing my stance to favor what ever interest group is in front me or Ron Paul but that’s not the case. The freedom message stays. Will everyone in the group be receptive no but will many people in the room be yes. I've been yelled at while speaking at a retirement home but I've also been cheered at the same time for the same stance. Just like white males making under $50,000 isn’t a voting block, old people aren’t a voting block, black people are a voting block, no one is a voting block. Sure each group may have certain similar concerns unique to them when it comes to certain issues but to say they all believe, talk, walk, act and vote the same is showing a poor understanding in how different we really are.

I don’t understand why you are so judgmental because someone doesn’t care if your black, white, Somalian, making under or over $50,000 dollars a year. It doesn’t matter what so called group you belong to or are affiliated with. I go to all events I talk to all people your religious and social habits don’t matter to me as long a we as individual are free to interact in the market. There are businesses in my municipality that now accept Gold and Bit-coin which I also accept for my companies services just by going in and having an intellectual conversation with them.

No one should have the right to conscript their fellow man, no one has a right to someone else production without their consent. If you want to opt out you should be able to without question. So I don't know why you feel that i'm evangelizing libertarianism or pandering. I go to were the masses are. I've spoken at union events, churches, gang meetings, parties, fraternal orders, community meetings, rec-centers, etc. and the message has stayed the same. Build coalitions why do you think the reVOLUTION is so diverse was Ron Paul pandering again NO but he took the time and had the courage to step outside of his comfort zone and immediate social group.