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I do not believe that selfishness should be loathed...

like hatred.

Pure altruism is impossible. Altruism would require that one place all others above one's self - sacrifice yourself for what the public considers good. Accordingly, altruism lays the foundation for socialism. We owe it to our fellow man to 'take care' of him. Redistribution under such a philosophy becomes a mandate. Altruism attempts to quell individualism.

This becomes apparent as the scope of altruistic policies are considered in a local setting. For instance, suppose your neighborhood is self-governing and decides to implement such a policy. Whenever someone in the neighborhood becomes unemployed, the rest of the neighbors are forced to give a percentage cut every payday to the person without a job. Maybe at first people find jobs quickly, and the income of each individual isn't greatly affected during the initial stages. However, soon it will be found that through this use of government force certain individuals will make a habit out of abusing the easy source of income. Further, people become more likely to quit their jobs for insignificant reasons. How long should the people in the neighborhood that have worked the entire time support the less or unproductive members? It turns out that the unproductive people were made that way through adaptation to the system. Before the system was implemented, many of these people were productive. Altruism fails.

The fruits of my labor should be mine. My life should be mine. I should be able to do as I wish as long as I am not violating the rights of another individual.

Rational selfishness is morally superior to altruism. Ultimately, altruism fosters the bad qualities of man.