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one last time

my belligerence on this topic,as you say isn't just that
and i guess you are right about not convincing an idiot
you just don't get it,nor do you want to either
this idea is not better than TRAP,soon changed to RAP
you are either the problem or act to fix the problem
the CON CON is not a new or fresh idea,it is a trap
that you are trying to set,so you are the problem
you either know truth and act to help,or do as you do
and hinder
you can't even answer peoples questions here without
contradicting yourself
we here along with some of my other friends picked apart
TRAP and the first con-con,as it did not apply to us,nor was
it even about US,nor for us
the same ones who own the fed gov and run it,are the same
ones who elect the state legislatures,but you refuse to even acknowledge this fact,i have to ask why? but i believe i already know the answer(bush said it best"you are either for us,or against us"
I along with a few others here tried to explain why this will not work
the ones who write the checks,write the laws
i honestly do not believe we have the time to even have a con-con
if it did work
you mentioned the UN running or taking over america(they already have) this can easily proved with the wars we have had,and the lack of congressional say so over when we do go to war
and the fact the UN suggested we give the blackhills back to the indians,or the fact the U is run by the most repressive regimes on this planet(and are here on our soil)oops i said our soil(its not ours)
the things i put to print i can back up and have done so,all you can say is i heard this on coast to coast a few months back,then again on the AJ show,so you have been studying this for a few months
and i have been involved for a few years(being part of 2 of them)
why do you think the states pass laws that are contrary to the will of the people?
why do these same states uphold the color of law,which violate
our rights,and at the same time violate their oaths they swore to uphold?
when in court one mentions i want my const rights,the judge will respond"say that again and i will hold you in contempt?what,we have no const rights in court?and yet,these also swear an oath to uphold our rights
the answer is you and I are an owned people,some do not see it,some see,but do not want to believe,others know but hide these facts
here a true story from our rep here concerning the bailouts
"i have had more phone calls,the most in history,with the greatest majority telling me NO on them bailouts(he voted yes anyways)
is this true representation?oh and somehow,with the biggest majority
screaming in his ear,he gets voted back in time and time again
why do you suppose this happens? could it be we do not elect our reps? or are they in fact selected?
what about the expatriation act,the NDAA,the patriot act,these all violated the const,but still were voted in,did they commit treason?
it was mentioned by another about the seat belt laws,and helmet laws
are these types the ones we want to represent us with a con-con?
this is also true of of the city councils as well,all crap runs down to the states unto the lowest forms of gov,and for the same affect

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.