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That is just ignorance *double sigh*

To say that the single largest cause of debt in the North and South was NOT the cause for war -- is to ignore the reasons why civil wars take place (either to alleviate debt or to gain ill-gotten style).

I never said all petitions are Tea Party supporters -- you did.

I do not "support" Ron Paul -- I applaud his ideology and bravery. Also, I do not live in Texas so I do not vote him into office. Lastly, voting and lobbying equals (abdication of POS-rule and Bribery) -- I do not vote or lobby.

Civil Rights Act was a piece of racist legislation -- however it was presided by all manner of racist legislation so why not have one that "sides" (seemingly -- not saying it does) with the little guy. I'm 100% against welfarism, reservation-ism, and rights (all rights) -- so don't get me twisted here.

What I'm saying is that once the wealthy formed the first union (only allowing wealthy WASPS Males the right to vote) they saw the divisive power in allowing "everyone" to vote and slowly doled out those "rights" -- Every War, Every bit of Un-ethical Legislation, Every Divide and Conquer tactic (et al) ALWAYS begins with "voting" and where there is voting there is always bribery (lobbying).