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Actually I'm 42 years old and voted for RP in '88

studied Economics and Finance at the MBA-level and been reading Misesian Thought for over 2 decades -- so NO -- I didn't "miss the point"

Is Ron Paul making any serious "secession talk" -- I've been out of the loop last few weeks, maybe I missed the video or article *please post it*

If 30+% (or whatever the final figure) of the General Election pop voted for Romney and nearly 60% voted Obama -- how many of those numbers (NOT THE BELOW 2008 PRIMARY VOTER TURNOUT FOLKS -- who had RP at what 10%, if that) do you HONESTLY think will vote for secession?

My guess is it will be 99% white people and their total number will not become greater than 1% of the general election populace -- probably not even 1% of the primary election turnout populace.

It will be Birther-Worthy -- Another "blight" on the reputation of the Tea Party believed to be filled with "Racists and Uncle Toms" (not my view or words).

We can LOGICALLY get into a Free-Society but it will not come from chicken-little issues -- remember we have to convince people to "join us" not drive them away or incite derision from Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow (et al).