Comment: Regarding the raw milk issue

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Regarding the raw milk issue

If raw milk was legal to sell, the government would still have its sales tax income. People sell it under the table not to avoid tax but to bypass FDA.

Why does the FDA not want you to drink raw milk? I think it is to work towards total control of the food supply. I think it is because if farmers are not clean about their work, there could be some illness issues. This brings up the entire question, who is responsible for what? If I buy raw milk and drink it and get sick from it it is my responsibility(I know this rarely happens). I know the risks and try to vet my suppliers as best as I can. If the govt blesses the sale of raw milk and someone gets sick, who is going to be sued? Whose risk is it? I think there is a portion of defense against lawsuits that makes the govt. "kill" all of our food.