Comment: First, I admire the effort

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First, I admire the effort

First, I admire the effort that you are putting into this project and hope you end up with something that helps others understand these issues. When you are finished I hope what you disseminate is honest and useful. I’m going to pick apart just one of your answers but I have the best intentions in doing that, and I’m not suggesting I’m right or you are wrong.

2. Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk?
Your first sentence says, “Allowing individuals to bypass FDA regulations and purchase milk would cut into the profits of the Corporate-Government Monopoly of dairy products.”

You may have done research on this statement that I have not, but, at least in my neck of the woods, a lot of dairy farms would be small business as opposed to mega-global corporations. They may be incorporated, for legal and tax reasons, but they are still pretty small and often family owned/operated.

We’ve engaged in a very long battle against corporations over many years that is not, in my opinion, very honestly. Ron Paul, during his campaign, tried hard to distinguish the differences between the ones that deserve some scrutiny and the ones that do not. I agree completely with his thoughts on the subject.

Your second sentence says, “Millions of dollars in sales tax would be lost by the Federal Government and the purpose of the FDA in general would begin to be questioned by the average American.”

I’m not aware of a federal sales tax.

With regard to the rest of your statement I pretty much agree. In my experience and observation, no government cares to be questioned. They much prefer obedience.

This is entirely my personal point of view and you can make your own choice about how to sell your ideas. I think the reasons government does anything are: They can; More rules more relevancy; Love of power; Money. Not necessarily in order of importance. I don’t think they make a lot of money kicking some Amish farmer in the ass, but I think it keeps them busy and shows us all that we shouldn’t question their authority.