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Time preferences

"Someone somewhere said that gold is a good asset usable to retain value. Perhaps people should put money in gold/silver while they are working out how to use electricity to be more powerful?"

Electricity is actual current.

Gold can be current when needed in the future, as currency Gold is too expensive for the users, for one thing you have a target on your back if you are seen with a bag full of gold.


You have Wealth stored somehow, in dollars, in a bank, and you want to avoid having your dollar denominated Surplus Wealth evaporate in a bank, as "they" inflate it, so you move the POWER into Gold and Silver.

Where is Gold and Silver stored?

In a Bank?

In the Great Depression "they" confiscated gold.

Do you use electricity?

Do you want to continue using electricity?

Do you travel?

Do you want to continue traveling?

A Solar Panel System will drain your bank account, and if you have more POWER stored in dollars after investing in Solar Panels, then an Electric Car will drain your bank account even more, so will buying Gold and Silver.

You had accumulated Surplus Wealth, more POWER earned relative to POWER consumed by you, denominated in dollars, and then you used that Purchasing Power to purchase either/or/or both Gold/Silver/Solar Panels/Electric Cars.

How do those speculative ventures work out in time?

Dollars turn into Gold and Silver, and you (one of We the People), supposedly have exclusive control over dollars or Gold and Silver in those current events unfolding that way.

and/or/or both

Dollars turn into Solar Panels and Electric cars, and you (one of We the People), no longer pay any money to the Electric Company, and if you don't use as much electric POWER as you make, you get a check in the mail, from everyone else, or from the "Electric Company" (depending upon the "laws" that subsidize and destroy competition in your State), in dollars, so you are paying yourself back, in dollars, put in a bank, or buy gold, silver, or buy more Solar Panels, more income from the "Electric Company" turns into hot showers, water pumped out of well, electrifying a Modular Green House Farming Unit, heating the house, heating the food, driving the electric car, etc.

You don't drive, you get paid more because you sell more electric POWER, you drive, you get paid less from the "Electric Company", but you drive, and you drive cheaply.

You drive for 2 cents per mile, or less, and getting lower, when everyone else is driving for 10 cents per mile, or more, and getting higher because they choose gasoline power.

You don't drive you get more income (power).

You do drive you save more income (power).

What does your Gold do?

What does your Silver do?

Ask the Austrians Economists if Gold or Silver generates any interest.

What if the whole planet of people, as in We the People, buy Gold and Silver, turning in all their dollars for Gold and Silver?

No more FED, sure, but anything else of note?

The last one to invest into storing their income (POWER) in gold will have a very high SCARCITY price attached to that last nugget of Gold purchased by the last person storing wealth (power) in that way.

What if the whole planet of people, as in We the People, buy Solar Panels, and electric cars?

No more demand for oil, or much less demand for oil, what happens to the price of oil when demand plummets?

No more rising electricity prices, no more need for coal, no more need for natural gas, no more need for a high electric bills paid every month by everyone, as electricity begins to flow like sunlight, almost exactly like sunlight.

How much do you pay the supplier of sunlight for your daily demand for it?

A spike in Solar Panel demand forces the price of Solar Panels up?

What is needed to make Solar Panels?


Inventive employment of capitalistic people, each competing with each other to supply the demand for higher and higher quality Solar Panels at lower and lower costs?

What happens when many competitors are fighting over each other to supply the demand for a new breakthrough in human technology?

What happened to no one having a job?

How much did the first Computer cost?

How much does a personal computer cost now?

How much did the first cell phone cost?

How much does a cell phone cost now?

What happens when your electric bill is cut in half, and what happens when everyone else is paying much less per month for electricity?

What happens to your cost of living, and what happens to everyone else who has to pay a cost of living as all those necessary things are dropping in price because the supply of all those necessary things are reaching a state of abundance: flowing like sunlight.

What happens when your transportation costs are cut by 80%, and what happens when everyone pays much less per month for transportation?

What does the Gold and Silver do - meanwhile?

Glitter attractively like a trophy wife?

What if the extra supply of abundant electric POWER is then invested in Modular Green House Farming Units, each person having one, or each person wanting one having one, where they begin, each person wanting one, begins to supply the demand for higher quality and lower cost tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, peas, grape fruits, or whatever will grow in a self-contained, efficient, money making, farming venture?

Return to an agrarian society?

Return from a society running on deception alone?

What happens if the City Dwellers are then looking enviously at how rich and easy the individual farmers live, who are farming sun made electricity, sun made transportation fuel, sun made algae fuel, sun made hydrogen gas fuel, tomatoes, grapes, celery, radishes, and growing richer by the day?

Mass exodus of the cities and not by force of arms, or lies, as the multitude of victims are force marched into death camps, work camps, ghettos, or marches done until the victims who are no longer wanted are marched to death for lack of the power required to keep those people alive?

Your words:

"Someone somewhere said that gold is a good asset usable to retain value. Perhaps people should put money in gold/silver while they are working out how to use electricity to be more powerful?"

Gold and Silver "investments" are a short sale, selling short, it is the opposite of what people say it is, so you tell me, who is right and who is wrong on this point exactly.


I want to be shown where I am wrong, so far I can't find where I am wrong.

"Perhaps gold is a good reservoir/savings account to hold wealth while purchases down the road to electricity as power are made incrementally. i.e. perhaps I have money to purchase and install 1.5 solar panels. Perhaps the .5 should be stored in gold while I am collecting the second .5 so that my dollars do not lose value on the way to my 2nd purchase?"

I heard a news report on Alex Jones concerning Shale Oil production in America producing enough POWER to take control of the world Oil Markets, with Obama getting all the credit for making that happen.

Do you see how that could happen?

POWER, actual POWER, is taken from Earth, and converted into CURRENT POWER, where the new POWER is INJECTED into the Economy and the people doing the supplying of all that POWER grow very rich, very powerful, very fast, and that POWER then trickles down to lesser people, poor people, workers, earners, employees, consumers, as those powerful people buy things with their Earth made Oil Power, and if they buy things Made in America, then the American Economy BOOMS again.

In a boom, unlike a bust, people no longer are looking for short term purchases of secure assets such as gold and silver, they are investing in higher rates of return, more income on those "better" investments.

Buy Oil stocks, buy General Electric shares, a war is good for the economy, or have you not heard yet?

What will be purchased by the very rich and powerful people who grow very rich and powerful because they inject the new POWER of Shale Oil, which is supposedly low cost/high return (not subsidized) compared to drilling for oil, what will "they" buy, exactly?

There was also talk about Oil Wells returning to Texas, going back into the ground and drilling for more oil, after having that Industry put on hold, for whatever reason, it was put on hold making oil scarce for some strange reason.

So, in that case, with Oil made abundant, again, you have cheaper oil prices?

You have cheaper oil prices, boom baby boom, and now Solar Panels and Electric cars are less attractive, by how much less?

You have control over your transpiration costs, independent control, you make your own power at home?

You buy Solar Panels, electric cars, because you can reduce your electric bill and you can reduce your transpiration costs considerably, and you have compared your estimate of the future based upon current trends whereby power is growing more scarce by the day, and therefore prices of things are going up daily, and then suddenly, a surge of power, real power, not just "liar loans" causing a "bubble", Shale Oil, a New Age of Oil Abundance, as real power is being injected into the system as OIL POWER, large increases in the total supply of POWER, flowing through the American Economy.

Party time, roaring 20s, boom baby boom, thank you so much Mr. President.

That sudden change in the Economy from worse to better lowers electricity prices and gasoline/transportation prices, and you look like a fool for buying Solar Panels and Electric Cars?

How much lower does "Electric Company" POWER PRICES have to get before Solar Panels are no longer a cheaper way to make POWER at home?

Does math help?

How much lower does gasoline POWER PRICES have to get before they reach 2 cents per mile as compared to Electric Car power prices are now, if you don't make your own home grown electricity, and home grown electricity can reach almost zero?

If you do make your own home grown electricity it is less than 2 cents per mile and you have yet to understand how the Solar Panel electricity Power equation actually works?

It takes less power to make a Solar Panel than the power produced by the Solar Panel long as human beings value hot showers, cooked food, an ability to travel from one place to another place fast, and an ability to transfer information fast, so long as human being value electricity, and so long as a cheaper way is not already here and now, so long will Solar Panels continue to make more power than the power they consume in making them, once the Solar Panel is made, it is, in that sense FREE ENERGY, because it pays for its own creation in time.

Sunlight is free energy, why is that not easy to see?

Gravity is free energy, demonstrably so, as my conveyor belt example illustration shows. Everything that is higher, every measure of mass on Earth that is higher than the mass that stops it from falling is potential FREE ENERGY.

If a conveyor was built on a mountain, a conveyor built along side the road that goes up the mountain, and a rock is placed on the conveyor, what happens if the conveyor resistance is less than the force of gravity accelerating the rock?

You pick up the rock, you put it on the top end of the conveyor at the mountain top, at the end of the road going up the mountain. The conveyor belt holds the rock in a rock bucket on the conveyor so it does not start rolling down the conveyor belt. Gravity overcomes resistance, the belt moves, and it will accelerate and keep on accelerating unless more resistance, like air resistance, arrests the rate of acceleration caused by the Gravitational Field. Arrest that acceleration with a generator and you have a generator that generates power while the rock goes to the bottom of the hill, all the way down the mountain.

Free Power.

What does Hover Damn do, exactly?

Put that same rock on top of another pile of rocks on a truck that will be sent down that hill. Is it a gasoline powered truck? Does it have regenerating brakes? Will the generators hooked up the wheels of that truck generate POWER and have a fully charged battery at the bottom of the hill where the truck unloads because the truck used gravity to make electric power all the way down the mountain?

How about Lunar Power, are you clued in about that power source yet?

The moon raises and lowers the water levels all around the world, on a very regular basis, and that contributes to the production of waves, and as waves goes up, and as waves goes down, regularly, all over the planet, that is Free Energy available to human beings if they want it.

A float, or buoy, will go up and down with that wave, reciprocal motion, powered all the time that those waves are waves, up, down, and that can turn a generator. Man already invented the way to turn up and down motion into rotational motion.

Free Energy.

Why is POWER scarce?

People are betting on and driving a future without power, sinking their earnings in Gold and Silver?

Who, in what condition of human life, is going to be returning to a Gold and Silver coin based monetary system?

Total collapse, Marshal Law, anarchy in the streets!

Now we can use gold and silver as money again?

"They" won't be confiscating Gold and Silver by then?

Gold and Silver investments are speculative ventures done as "futures" whereby the collective sum total of "investors", betting their earnings in that way, are betting that the Legal Money Monopoly Power will increase the money supply, and then, if that happens, they win, and if that happens a lot, and if those people are the first ones to place that bet, then they win big, really big, if they can cash in at a future date, when things go as they expect, and as the collective sum total of betters DRIVE, those events in that way, then all is well in their world.

But compared to what, since war is, after all, very good for the economy, don't you know?

When they cash in, Gold and Silver futures, for something, then what do they turn their Gold into, what do they buy with their Gold when their Gold is now more powerful relative to the Legal Monopoly Fraud Money?

Do they buy Monopoly Fraud Money, and then have more cash to spend?

What do you think is going to happen if Collapse happens, chaos, anarchy, Marshal Law, gangs roaming the street, and you go into Wall Mart with a bag full of Gold and Silver?

If you had invested, because two generations ago your parents figured this out, so your family had invested, in a rural farm, or a suburb farm, which is now bristling with Solar Panels, Modular Green House Farming Units, you have 2 electric cars, and a steady income selling electricity to other people who have not prepared in this way, you sell food, you can make algae fuel, and you can make hydrogen fuel from water, if needed, all of which can be done, to scale, to fit the size of the lot.

How about this angle:

It is now chaos, Marshal Law, anarchy (so called), and you are one of the worst people around, pretend to be a really bad guy, or really bad gal, and now you are free to do as you please, evil things, without cost to you, so you see that electricity is out all over, but you stumble upon a house with Solar Panels on it, so which house do you invade, to take control of it, and you notice that the same house has electric cars and good food?

Food is scarce.

Gasoline is scarce.

Electricity and running hot water is scarce.



They have all the power in the world.

If you want to play their game, it seems to me, you can buy Gold and Silver, while they let you.

No skin off my nose.

In fact I think any accurate money is a world better than any Fraud Money, for reasons that should be as clear as mountain spring water flowing down the mountain, unless you are a fraud too.

As a storage medium, but not as a productive investment (unless it is calculated relative to fraud money), gold and silver can store your hard earned POWER to purchase, but it can't produce anything for you otherwise, and there are costs associated with gold and silver.

A Solar Panel, one of many good examples of POWER PRODUCING PRODUCTS, is a thing that can be purchased and it will produce more power to purchase than the power required to purchase it.

That last sentence can go over a lot of people's heads, even the "experts" in Political Economy.

Even the "Austrians", or they do know, but their futures are banking on doom and gloom = higher gold prices relative to fraud money, so they pretend not to know better, and they prefer to shoot the messengers who do know better.

Solar Panels won't make the speculator a killing, won't get something huge for almost nothing, but the solar panel will actually produce more power out of less power, without controversy, since the actual power source is the sun = free energy.

Cost - less - POWER.

"Thank you also for your reply. I appreciate your time. Do other people understand this WWIII concept? Do I not know because I am naïve and not well read? Is it common knowledge among Friends of Liberty?"

Almost everyone, with few exceptions, none that I know about, no exceptions I know personally, think that War is unthinkable, most people think that war is unthinkable, it may happen, and if it does happen, it is unwanted by anyone, it just happens.

Most people are not in the Military.

Anthony Sutton knew better. I'm sure that George Orwell knew better. Alex Jones knows better. But I don't know them personally.

Most people think that "they" are doing what they can to avert war, and hopefully "they" will avert war, so "we" had better keep paying our taxes, sending "them" our children, dressed up in Uniforms, to spread democracy, and save the children in those places where the bad people live, and "we" do that to avoid war.

Perpetual war for perpetual peace.

The cost of failing to call criminals with accurate words like: criminals.

If you have not read 1984 by George Orwell, then it may be a good idea to do so, if you end up with some spare time.

Here is where things are spelled out well too:

There is also a study on Roosevelt, so that makes the trio complete, of Oceana, Eastasia, and Eurasia, as in the book 1984 by George Orwell.

That is Hegalism or Thesis - Anti-thesis = Synthesis, predating Marx and Lenin.

One person, out of nowhere, sent me a stack of papers in a large envelope, and in that pile of information is a study of history from the perspective of 3 various POWERS working globally on a cycle where one Power is boomed to a peak, dominating the world, while another power is a third of the way down into complete BUST, and the last POWER is a third of the way up to the Peak, and so long as the study studied history, as far back as the Roman Empire, if I remember right, this has been going on, in this way.

I call it The Business Psycho. It is run by sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, and criminals.

They steal the law power by stealing the money power.

It is at the right time for things to go from America to China, on that Business Psycho.

America is on the down side, China is on the up side, and Europe is past the bottom (the bottom for them was World War II).

America will be bottoming out in a few decades, which may be World War III, who knows, I don't.

Some people know this stuff, certainly the people who make this stuff happen.

Who can write themselves a check for as much Legal Money as everyone else combined? Why do they write themselves a check for that much POWER to purchase? What are they buying?

Your ideas are good. I can work in those directions.

"(I don't want to be president. I can't do it.)"

The idea there is to prove to everyone that an honest common person can be a better president than the lesser of two evils. So use your brain to challenge false authority. That is the idea. You or I do not have the power to be president.

This post intends to be helpful, but it is not a sound bite.