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Thank you LTD

Thats the type of input I'm looking for. I'll try to rework that answer a bit. I've got 5 more questions answered but I'm going wait until I have all the rest done before I post anymore. For whatever reason the questions are becoming harder to answer without becoming too wordy.

I'd like this to turn out really good. I feel like I have at least a half dozen more people in my social circle rubbing the crust out of their eyes and begining to wake up. If you have been working on people as long as I have you understand how exciting that can be. :)

When I started answering these for myself this morning a light bulb when off in my head. I was typing the answer to one and I thought...I'm probably doing exactly what Ron Paul thinks every American should do. Don't just listen to my speech and ponder my questions...sit down and write out the answers for yourself.

Once finished and polished I've got to get these Q&A's into the hands of as many people as I can. Thats why the more input I can get from the people here on the DP (who have provided me with a wealth of knowledge in 2012) will have a much greater chance of success.

I even enourage the spelling and grammer fanatics to bust me where I've made errors or things just don't sound right. That is very odd for me to say. I'm one of those guys that has always ribbed the punctuation, spelling, and grammer sticklers. :O