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is as dangerous as the central beast, as it is the opposite extreme in which power is exclusively given to very large corporations and without due process and role of the government in protection against fraud, theft and so forth it would become the central beast very quickly. Just that this time the central beast would be Monstanto and Koch brothers and the likes of them. In my view the solution is very simple - just return to the constitutional republic. Meaning - the federal govt goes back to the basics and doesn't get involved in healthcare, education, welfare and what not, as it shouldn't be. On the other hand it doesn't prevent the states from doing that. And then let 50 states hash out what works the best. I think therein lies the genius of the founding fathers - 50 states all connected via same infrastructure and common language would trade ideas with each other and find out what works and what doesn't much faster and better than some USSR-style monstrosity trying to come up with one-fits-all solution.