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That was a fact man!

The South WANTED to expand slavery Westward.

The phrase "King Cotton" was a slogan of the South's (the number one slogan by-the-by) to convince southerners to "secede"

How was cotton farmed? By SLAVE LABOR.

You have no economic or historical sense.

The backers of debt from King Cotton (called Fractorage) WANTED slavery to expand westward.

The South was DEEPLY in-debt and could not WAGE the civil war without further credit -- Banks of England and France (Rothschilds).

England and France had standing armies in Canada and Mexico -- to aid the South.

Did the South say: "we are going to end slavery in x-years?"

No -- There were so much profits in King Cotton that the value of slaves went up over 3000% since the founding of the country.

You think that the Southern Upper 6% (the slave owning class) wanted slavery to go away or to be expanded -- logically based on the profits from cotton alone you think that businessmen,