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1% (assuming 100% of all RPers would support secession)

is not enough to get secession-discussion on a national (and taken seriously) debate.

The conversation that is taking place now is media-fodder -- it is the goal of those who support fringe-discussion to what? create a free-market from controversial logic? to gain look weally weally 'telligent?

If RP comes out and encourages secession -- openly and not talking "around" the topic -- then I will come out 100% for it.

Secession Talk is not Rational Talk.

A free-market is maintained by POS-rule -- My argument is that's also the way we get into a free-market.

Others think that voting (abdication of POS-rul) and lobbying (bribery) and sensationalism (911-Truth, Birther, and now Secession Talk) are the more viable modalities.