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because public land like woods/forests is PUBLIC. If you are a citizen then you are part of the public whether homeless or not. That means you can use public places the same as anyone.

If you want to sleep in the forest, which is public land, then you should be able to, whether you're camping, in a tent, in a vehicle or just laying on the ground. The forest doesn't close. There are no "open hours". You're not bothering anybody if you're not doing anything illegal.

But people don't want people living on public land for free because more might try it. So authorities came up with this permit system to empower them to easily "shoo" homeless people away (even though they're not breaking laws) making it impossible to rest/sleep well, and keep the forest clean and clear for working, tax paying, State obedient people.

Society thinks having a home and being part of the debt-based system equals citizenship, but really just being alive (including opting out of the system) should have the same citizenship rights.