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Questionable Source

I watched the video this afternoon, and then hunted around the website. If I understand correctly from what I read (link following) The Old Testament is discounted by the author, which causes me to question his message. While I do not agree with unconstitutional wars, wars of aggression, and preemptive strikes, I now do not believe this man is presenting an unbiased truth.
I know nothing of the God the author refers to and I stand by the writings of the Old Testament as God-breathed Scripture.
I found at :

"Some have written to us that Passover is "prophetic" of Jesus, contradicting my statement is that the Seder celebration and the Last Supper have nothing in common except the presence of food. Professional Christians do not always see the difference between Jesus’ teachings about love and commitment to others, and the self-serving story of passover from the ancient "Hebrew" writers. Passover is about a bloody tale of brute force and God’s wrath being inflicted upon everyone but the Israelites.

The Hebrew writers provided us with Egyptians who are monsters and a God of unimaginable ferocity, who seems to glory in retribution, and who loves only the Hebrews out of all of mankind. Could God not have simply warmed the heart of Yul Brynner (Ramses in The Ten Commandments) to let the "Hebrews" go? Why all the plagues, if not for drama sake? Why would God need to torment the Egyptians with boils, blood, frogs and suffocation of all their firstborns? Are these Egyptians not the same civilization that, a few generation before, took in and fed Joseph and his scheming brothers when they were about to starve?

The Hebrew "God" is one about whom Cecil B. DeMille could fashion a three-hour movie! But He is not the God Jesus calls "father." Has God transformed himself, like putting on a new outfit? Or are the Hebrew scriptures works of imagination and exaggeration, telling of a ruthless, violent God who loves only them. "