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Corporatism is Reigning (actually)

The Republic was begun with voting -- there were a limited number of people who were even allowed to vote (back then).

The Founder's did not agree nor did most of them like the Constitution.

Now everyone votes -- The Union of the Wealthy was the first Union ("the union") -- Now everyone forms Unions.

Individualists have a hard time forming "unions"

If you want to change the American Union (a collection of powerful unions -- inhabited by individuals who are members of multiple unions) then you must form a union that is around 60% of the general election populace.

Gary Johnson got 1% during the General Election.

Maybe Ron Paul could have gotten 3% -- I think he got 2-3% in 2008.

I don't think voting and lobbying (union formation) or abdication and bribery has-ever or will-ever work to create a free-market.

I don't think non free-market means can produce a free-market.

In a free-market the individual "rules" at the POS -- that's it.

When you go to prison -- you will either join a gang (union) or you will be preyed upon; plain and simple. The real world is not as intense as the prison world, but the analogy fits.

Force over Force


Logic over Force

I'm trying to convince people of the logic -- the truth.