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I would respectfully dispute that.

.38 Special is the bare minimum, IMO, for a defensive handgun. The sad fact is, a handgun needs to be able to kill an attacker very, very quickly. The .22 - outside of just-short-of-superhuman aim or exreme luck - requires multiple shots to be effective, and it's certainly not transferring a whole lot of energy in comparison to the .38 Special or other calibers, certainly nowhere near .40 S&W, .357 magnum, or .45 ACP.

I also have to question the study cited. It seems to be that the .22 and .380 stop more attackers simply by virtue of being used more often, since guns that fire the rounds are cheap, small, and abundant. By his logic, using a Nagant revolver, a .32 autoloader, or a .32 revolver would also be great.

Here's the thing: .38 Special and 9mm do not kick that much, and are easy to shoot regardless of experience. The recoil of the .45 is exaggerated, as well - I was startled how little it kicked when I first fired one. I will say that .40 S&W is a pretty "snappy" round, so probably not the best for a first-timer; I like the compromise between near-.45 power and near-9mm capacity (14 rounds of .40 cal?! Yes, please!).