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The subject is winning elections with parts of the libertarian program that will be of interest to voting least that is what I thought. I appreciate you got the prostitute vote, but please, how relevant do you believe that to be? I am pointing out that the libertarian program is probably not in interest to the majority of so-called minorities of the racial sort, and old people who are content to kick the can.

If you disagree because you took over a local Republican party meeting in your city, that is fine, but it's a bit of a stretch.

Setting up alternative systems is important. For what it's worth, go look at Golden Dawn in Greece and the heap of scorn put on that political action--as it's Greece, I don't care, but that is the mix of elections and real social action; it's observable that it's a combustible mixture. Ready for that?

You might want to google, Keith Preston attackthesystem who does a lot of the theoretical work on his site describing this sort of thing from a libertarian perspective.

You, to the extent what you describe is true, are fighting for your people in your unique settings--which is noble.

That is not the same thing as running national elections. You have, somewhat brazenly, described your political base in the words of Hunter Thompson, the freak vote (I hope you know who Hunter Thompson is, but if not, he ran for mayor in a Colorado town with the political tactics of getting, his words, the freak vote.)

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