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Did you ever hear Herman Cain

Did you ever hear Herman Cain say anything about Obamacare? Did he ever saying a damn thing about how Obamacare will destroy the American economy?

Did Michelle Bachmann go so far as to say, "Obamacare will destory the American economy?" Did she convey the economic consequences to the American people?

Did Newt Gingrich tell the American people about the "hypocrisy," of Obamacare by giving select corporations waivers?

Did Rick Santorum preach about the dangers of Obamacare and how it is directly linked to the heart of the American economy?

Was ANY republican candidate bold enough to mention how companies with over 50 employees will be hurt the most?

The talking points that never were....

"Obamacare will destroy the American economy"

"Small businesses with over 50 employees will suffer greatly."

"Why is McDonald's exempt from Obamacare? Why the double standard?"

"Obamacare is the biggest job killer the American economy has ever been faced with."

"The States should have the right to vote on Obamacare."


......did you hear any of those words spoken in the republican candidates echo chamber?

I didn't...and that doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever because over 60% of the country was against Obamacare.

After the Supreme Court shoved Obamacare down the throat of America, not a single candidate said there should be a Constitutional Amendment to end it.

That really ticks me off!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.