Comment: It all comes back to the Israel lobbyist...

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It all comes back to the Israel lobbyist...

It does not matter if majority of Americans and become libertarian. As long as they do not understand that the Israel lobbyist (thus our undivided support to Israel) is the root of the evil our country will never really "wake up"!

No Ron Paul supporter can actually claim themselves to fully understand the message of liberty (Ron Paul's message of liberty) if they still believe that Israel is the "poor and innocent" nation.

Wake the hell up! If the United Nation (without the approval of Americans) took California and Texas and give them to Mexico, you will be up in arms)

Here you have Israel, a state where MAJORITY of the people were NOT born there nor did their parents or grandparents. These people were from Europe (Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Romania etc) for goodness sake! They claim the land is their because it is said so by god?! Excuse moi but MAJORITY of the Israelis are non-practicing jews. Most of them are atheist!

Palestinian DID not kill millions of Jews, the White Christian Europeans did...for centuries. Fact. Period.